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06:15 pm: Poem- Tell me wat u think



What is there in life to accomplish before death

Having a great career is great

Leaving behind friends who sometimes won’t even remember you after death

When you die who will remember you

Life is about living it to its fullness

And leaving a part of yourself behind when you die

You never know when your time will be up

Living in the moment is how most of us get trough life

The question is how do you do that

By leaving behind a legacy

A legacy can have different meanings to people

Making your dreams come true during your lifetime

And making it easy for the next generation

Every little action count

No matter how small

Leaving a legacy behind can mean anything

It means leaving behind something or someone you love, or that represent a part of you

Even though you will soon be dead

You will continue to live through your legacy and they will tell your story to the next generation to those who wish to listen


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